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We're always looking to add the next best thing, but we've built the success of our events on a core group of of like minded vendors. If you have something that our events can't thrive without, we're all ears. An array of professional, crafty & creative vendors make up the "meat and potatoes" of any popular event. If you have a food truck/trailer, make/sell creative & fun things or have a business that can entertain and engage our event goers, please send us an application. If you don't think these applications suite you specifically, drop us a line at (Please note- a submission of an application does not guarantee you a spot in your desired event. Also, if we decide that this year isn't a fit for the both of us, we won't deposit your fee from your submission.)

Event applications

Fargo 2019

Food Truck Vendors- Because of the overwhelming response to this year's event, we will unfortunately not be considering any applications from anyone other than those who have already expressed interest.

Non-Food Truck Vendors- We will continue to consider vendors and entertainment options that an add to our event for the time being. Please apply today!

Bismarck 2019

Food Truck Vendors- We are still considering applicants and would welcome your's.

Non-Food Truck Vendors- Tell us about you and how you can make Bismarck Food Truck Fest, bigger and better.

Fargo | Bismarck



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